Stan has attended Day Services at TECH since 1995, but in the last couple of years, he participates in activities at TECH’s Adult Life Skills part time as he moves towards retirement. Stan has always been a hard worker and slowing down is just not in his vocabulary. Stan has recently started to participate in more art activities and has found a love for painting.

stan bandel

Stan has been receiving TECH services since 1995. He receives both Day and residential services. Stan has great determination and drive, and hates staying home. He is a social butterfly and enjoys seeing all his friends and peers each day. Stan has really blossomed with his creative skills and enjoys painting. 


Aleen began services with TECH in 2015 when her family relocated from Medicine Lodge, KS. Aleen attends TECH’s Adult Life Skills, Work Center, & TECHnology Lab. Aleen is a quick learner and is good at making new friends. She loves creating art and playing Bingo. She is also learning how to use a computer, and enjoys watching soap operas on the internet.

Dennis BLICK

Dennis really shines as he is developing friendships and utilizing his creative side to paint. He is genuinely happy to be a part of TECH and is excited to show his finished work to his family. He enjoys both solitary and group activities. Dennis is a man of faith and enjoys Faith of Lights at Holy Cross church and he attends St. Teresa Catholic Church. 

Kelli Bringle

Kelli began TECH services when she was 6 weeks old, through the Infant/Toddler program. As an adult, Kelli enjoys many activities at TECH’s Adult Life Skills, including computers, community activities,
working on math and writing skills, painting, and art projects. Kelli’s smile and enthusiasm for life are contagious to all those around her. She is an avid Special Olympian and is proud of her many accomplishments.

Madison Budreau

When a person challenges Madison, she accepts that challenge with pride. And that is how she looks at life, with pride! Madison is a fun loving, goal driven young college student. She enjoys spending time
with her family and friends. Madison always has a smile on her face.   Her affectionate spirit and creativity shines through her artwork.   

Pam Carey

Pam began TECH services in 1998 and attends TECH’s Adult Life Skills and TECHnology Lab for her day service program. She has a delightful sense of humor and a unique perspective on life. She enjoys social activities and actively participates in art, music, and cooking classes.   She also enjoys playing games and practicing her money skills in the TECHnology Lab. Pam is a very thoughtful and caring person, and is always concerned about others. 

Dana Conner

Dana enjoys listening to music, dancing, doing puzzles, and shopping (especially garage sales). She likes watching favorite movies & TV shows and occasional art and craft projects. One of her favorite things is being with family and friends. 

Michelle Day

Michelle entered TECH services in 1995 and has been involved in all areas of TECH at one point or another. She enjoys doing artwork at TECH’s Adult Life Skills and working at TECH’s Affirmative Enterprises. Michelle excels working with her hands and does outstanding taking apart computers to recycle. Michelle enjoys making people laugh and brighten their day.  

Lisa DeVault

Lisa has received TECH services since 1994. Since having started art classes at TECH’s Adult Life Skills, Lisa has grown in awareness of her artistic abilities and is increasing in self-confidence. She is energized and looks for opportunities to help with day to day activities. Lisa is very social and enjoys being involved in her community. She also participates in TECH’s Work Center and TECHnology Lab.  

Stephanie Drews

Stephanie has been with TECH since 1978. She enjoys working at the TECH Work Center and the activities offered at tech’s adult life skills, particularly painting artwork. Stephanie is a highly motivated
individual who loves to communicate with family and friends and playfully banter with them.

JoHn Healey

John prefers to be busy with activities. He participates in many group activities through HRC but also enjoys solitary activities such as listening to music in his room. When John wants to decompress, he enjoys watching TV. He enjoys playing basketball every winter on the HRC Team, loves football and likes to go to hockey games. He also enjoys making ceramics through HRC classes. John enjoys going to church with people he cares about. 

Dee Hermes

Dee has received TECH services since 1987; she receives case management, residential and day services. Dee is known for her sweet and shy personality, and is loved by her friends at TECH. Dee enjoys
bowling, going out for dinner and spending time with her family. She takes great pride in the artwork she creates at TECH’s Adult Life Skills, and is very excited when a piece is purchased.

Carrie Hoke 

Carrie has been receiving TECH services since 2000. She enjoys activities at TECH’s Adult Life Skills and participates in various
activities such as puzzles, games, listening to music, and visiting with others. Carrie also really enjoys completing art paintings and takes great pride in the items that she creates.

Doug Hollingsworth

Doug has such a loving heart and true artistic talent. He grasps instruction and color and very effortlessly translates it to his work. He loves to dance and sing as he paints. It is an absolute privilege to watch him create.    

Laurie Jarrett

Laurie has received TECH services since 1995 and attends TECH’s Adult Life Skills and works on her artistic skills full-time. She has received several awards and recognition for her artwork and is a very
talented artist with a wonderful sense of humor and bubbly personality..

Robin Martinez

Robin has participated in TECH’s Adult Life Skills since 1983. She loves her family and is especially proud of her twin grandchildren. Robin is thoughtful, kind, has a great smile, and is a great friend to
those around her.     

Casey McLain

Casey enjoys working in the art studio and is able to express his creativity through painting. He is very creative in his daily emails that he writes and sends to all his friends and family with updates of the
happenings in his life. Casey is a huge sports fan. He loves to keep track of the team scores and stats. He is very involved in the community and with his church. Casey helps his mother volunteer at the food bank throughout the year.  

Forrest Schowalter

Forrest has an upbeat personality, is very considerate and often lightheartedly teases those around him. While he does have a lively personality, he is also able to focus intently on each of his art projects and he spends a lot of time making sure that every inch of his paintings are finished just the way he wants them.

Brock Schul

Brock has been with TECH since 1994. Brock enjoys a good round of Bingo as he often wins and loves to be with his family. Brock has discovered that he has real artistic talent and really shines as he
puts brush to canvas.      

Phillip Smith

Philip has received TECH services since 1996. He is a very social person and loves to interact with others. Philip enjoys being with his family and is involved in their activities. He likes to be on the go but he also will spend time watching TV, especially sports programs.

Jeremy Stewart


Kenny Thomas

Kenny loves to make any type of art. He enjoys coloring, painting, gluing and
sprinkling glitter on any type of paper. His forte though, is pasting any type of paper to construction paper. Stickers are another favorite of Kenny’s. Kenny is very aware of his surroundings and loves to interact with everyone. A person can tell what type of sense of humor Kenny has by the shows/movies that he watches; Home Alone, Dumb n' Dumber, Last Man Standing, Three Stooges, Laverne and Shirley, as well as, the comedies Fresh Prince and Full House. 

Joe Thompson

Joe has been with TECH since 1996. He is very friendly and enjoys the activities and paintings he creates while at tech’s adult life skills. Joe loves to socialize, dance, likes spending time with his family, and is an avid elvis fan. talking of his hometown and/or family is sure to bring a smile to his face and pride to his heart.

Jerimiah Tolbert

Jerimiah has a great sense of humor and is very helpful. While at TECH’s Adult Life Skills he enjoys socializing with his friends,
community outings, and painting artwork.     

Inez Vieyra

Inez is an incredibly hard worker who is always looking for the next project she can complete. She enjoys painting animals as well as characters based on her favorite cartoons and tv shows. Inez enjoys learning new painting techniques and seeing how each layer of a painting comes together to create the final product. In her free time, she likes attending church and also enjoys learning about horses.

Jennifer walton

Jennifer has been receiving TECH’s Adult Life Skills services since 1996. She is a very independent woman who lives and works in the community. Her favorite activities include painting, arts & crafts, and participating in community activities. Jennifer is a founding member of Faces of Faith, a mime troupe comprised of individuals from the ALS. She is an incredibly talented artist and performer.

Phil Whitley

Phil has been receiving services since 1990. He attends TECH’s Work Center and Adult Life Skills where he enjoys socializing and assisting others. Through exploration at the ALS, Phil discovered a new-found
interest in art and is confident in creating his artwork unique to his desires. Phils is a very dedicated artist, and once he begins a project, he is focused on getting it done right.

Michelle Zahn

Michelle enjoys working at TECH’s Work Center and the activities at TECH’s Adult Life Skills. She enjoys socializing with friends and is very talented in arts & crafts. Michelle is very attentive to the needs of others and works to help them whenever she can.